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Carol Ann Eastman Carol Ann Eastman

Welcome to Eka, a country controlled by Authority, where each gender is completely segregated and isolated from the opposite sex. Men are only permitted to marry other males and become the fathers of sons. Women, the lesser gender, must remain in the female faction, marrying and mothering only other females. The interaction of genders is entirely forbidden and punishable by death.Seventeen-year-old, rule-following Vicissitude “Cissy” Maddox is closing in on her final days of her senior year. With the most beautiful girl on her arm and two doting and loving mothers, Cissy should be basking in the glory of graduation and adulthood. Yet, something is holding her back, forbidding her to feel...
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God of Wrath: Special Edition Print (Legacy of Gods Special Edition)

Rina Kent Rina Kent

I’m trapped by the devil.
What started as an innocent mistake turned into actual hell.
In my defense, I didn’t mean to get involved with a mafia prince.
But he barged through my defenses anyway.
He stalked me from the shadows and stole me from the life I know.
Jeremy Volkov might appear charming, but a true predator lurks inside.
He’s out to possess, own, and keep me.
But I have no plans to stick around in his blood-soaked world.
Or so I think.

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Getrieben: Psychothriller

Charlie Donlea Charlie Donlea

Zwei Frauen, getrennt durch 40 Jahre – ein Serienkiller, der beide verbindet:»Getrieben« ist ein rasanter, raffiniert geplotteter Psychothriller aus den USA.Chicago 1979: Ein Serienkiller verschleppt und tötet fünf Frauen, ohne die geringste Spur zu hinterlassen. Die Stadt ist in Aufruhr, die Polizei tappt im Dunklen – bis Angela Mitchell sich bei den Cops meldet, die den Fall akribisch aus Zeitungsberichten rekonstruiert hat und den entscheidenden Hinweis liefert. Kurz darauf ist Angela spurlos verschwunden.40 Jahre später stößt Rory Moore, Forensikerin für Cold Cases bei der Polizei von Chicago, mehr oder weniger zufällig auf die alte Geschichte: Ihr verstorbener Vater hat den...
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The Shadow of War: A Novel of the Cuban Missile Crisis

Jeff Shaara Jeff Shaara

From the bestselling author comes the story of rising conflict between the super-powers that gripped the world, a global war that almost happened: The Cuban Missile Crisis.In 1961, the new president John F. Kennedy, inherited an ill-conceived, poorly executed invasion of Cuba that failed miserably and set in motion the events that put the U.S. and the Soviet Union on a collision course that nearly started a war that would have enveloped much of the world.Extensively researched and vividly imagined, The Shadow of War brings to life the many threads that lead to the building crisis between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1962.Told from a multitude of perspectives and voices, from the...
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The Midnight Feast: The Twisty New Thriller from the Author of the Guest List

Lucy Foley Lucy Foley

Secrets. Lies. Murder. Let the festivities begin..."Sharp, stylish and stunning...Foley's best yet." -- Chris Whitaker, New York Times bestselling author of We Begin at the End"Everything you want in a thriller." -- Harper's Bazaar"Agatha Christie for the Instagram age." -- GuardianThe deliciously twisty new locked room murder mystery from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Guest List and The Paris ApartmentIt’s the opening night of The Manor, and no expense, small or large, has been spared. The infinity pool sparkles; crystal pouches for guests’ healing have been placed in the Seaside Cottages and Woodland Hutches; the “Manor Mule” cocktail (grapefruit, ginger, vodka, a...
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Fatal Opposition (Parker Brother's Family Series Book 3)

Tracee Lydia Garner Tracee Lydia Garner

Cashell Bruer has lived a sheltered life. When she meets handsome NFL rookie James Parker on her birthday, she's smitten. With him, she can truly begin to live. But will he want her when he discovers she has a heart condition? Not to mention her new job involves polishing his bad boy image!James Parker has it all, a family who chose him, and a coveted spot on an NFL team. When lovely, spirited Cashell keeps turning up in his life, he wonders if she's the one to share it all. But what if her only interest in him is status? And even worse, what if his search for his real family ends up putting her in danger?The road to happiness is filled with setbacks, roadblocks and brick walls. Will the two...
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Climate Clowns: Unraveling the Absurdity of Internet-Powered Chaos in the Pursuit of Saving the Planet

Quintus Cognoscente Quintus Cognoscente

This story can be viewed as fictional or partly as real, always according to the Pippi Longstocking motto: “I make the world as I like it”.The real reason for this story (with the quite serious appendix) is that I had to watch for many years how the intellect across the entire wide and colorful world evaporated via the Internet, more or less connected to various self-proclaimed experts. At the beginning of the 90s, the Internet was described as a world-saving idea that would significantly increase, or rather help increase, people's intellect. Problem: Zero times zero is still zero.Today we are (almost) all completely at the mercy of anti-social nonsense.Psychologists and psychiatrists ar...
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Sailing Between the Stars: Musings on the Mysteries of Faith

Steven James Steven James

The foundation of Christian belief is paradox: death is the beginning of life, foolishness is the pathway to wisdom, the meek conquer the strong. Everywhere we look we see mysteries piled upon mysteries, and for all our efforts to fit God into a box that makes sense, Christianity is not founded on common sense. Author and storyteller Steven James navigates this magical journey through the "uncommon sense" of faith in Jesus. Through his captivating style and arresting stories, James helps readers become more comfortable with a faith full of truth and mystery. With breathtaking writing, he shows readers a God who is illogical, unreasonable, unrealistic, and incredibly and unmistakably true.

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The Natchez Burning Trilogy: A Penn Cage Collection Featuring: Natchez Burning, The Bone Tree, and Mississippi Blood

Greg Iles Greg Iles

Natchez BurningRaised in Natchez, Mississippi, Penn Cage learned all he knows from his father, Dr. Tom Cage. But now Tom has been accused of murdering the Black nurse with whom he worked in the 1960s and Penn is determined to exonerate him. The quest for answers leads down atrail of corruption and brutality that places Penn’s family squarely in the crosshairs of the Double Eagles, a vicious offshoot of the KKK controlled by some of the state’s most powerful men. Penn ultimately must acknowledge that secrets from his father’s past have put the Cage family in great jeopardy. The Bone TreePenn Cage’s family is in crisis, has inadvertently started a war with an offshoot of the KKK c...
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Southern Man: A Novel (Penn Cage Book 7)

Greg Iles Greg Iles

“Greg Iles is one of America’s great storytellers." –Stephen King, #1 New York Times bestselling author"A first-rate political thriller."–John Grisham, #1 New York Times bestselling authorThe hugely anticipated new Penn Cage novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Natchez Burning trilogy and Cemetery Road, about a man—and a town—rocked by anarchy and tragedy, but unbowed in the fight to save those they loveFifteen years after the events of the Natchez Burning trilogy, Penn Cage is alone. Nearly all his loved ones are dead, his old allies gone, and he carries a mortal secret that separates him from the world. But Penn’s exile come...
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Angel of Vengeance (Agent Pendergast Series)

Douglas Preston Douglas Preston

Preston & Child continue their #1 bestselling series featuring FBI Special Agent Pendergast and Constance Greene, as they take a final stand against New York’s deadliest serial killer: Pendergast’s own ancestor…and Constance’s greatest enemy. A desperate bargain is broken…Constance Greene confronts Manhattan’s most dangerous serial killer, Enoch Leng, bartering for her sister's life – but she is betrayed and turned away empty-handed, incandescent with rage. A clever trap is set…Unknown to Leng, Pendergast’s brother, Diogenes, appears unexpectedly, offering to help—for mysterious reasons of his own. Disguised as a cleric, Diogenes establishes himself in New Y...
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La stanza di ossidiana (Serie di Aloysius Pendergast Vol. 16) (Italian Edition)

Douglas Preston Douglas Preston

L'agente speciale Aloysius Pendergast è disperso. Il suo corpo non è ancora stato individuato e col passare dei giorni la speranza di trovarlo vivo sembra affievolirsi sempre di più. Constance, la sua storica assistente, è annichilita dal dolore e cerca conforto rifugiandosi nelle stanze sotterranee della residenza di famiglia di Riverside Drive; a niente servono le attenzioni di Proctor, la fedele guardia del corpo di Pendergast, che tenta di rassicurarla. Nella casa, però, un'ombra è in agguato. Una figura sinistra e minacciosa, che emerge dal passato e che all'improvviso trascina Constance via con sé. Proctor si lancia in un inseguimento mozzafiato sulle tracce del rapitore fin nei...
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