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Welcome to Eka, a country controlled by Authority, where each gender is completely segregated and isolated from the opposite sex. Men are only permitted to marry other males and become the fathers of sons. Women, the lesser gender, must remain in the female faction, marrying and mothering only other females. The interaction of genders is entirely forbidden and punishable by death.

Seventeen-year-old, rule-following Vicissitude “Cissy” Maddox is closing in on her final days of her senior year. With the most beautiful girl on her arm and two doting and loving mothers, Cissy should be basking in the glory of graduation and adulthood. Yet, something is holding her back, forbidding her to feel the excitement of what comes next.

Lacrosse star, Riot Logan, is determined to break free from the confines of the Authority-controlled, homogenous world that stifles him. Riot yearns for nothing more than to create art with his hands, a crime for men in Eka. With dreams of a life that isn’t dictated by the Laws of Life and Liberty, Riot begins to push the limits, demanding answers about the Ekian way of life.

But when a careless encounter deep in the forest puts Cissy and Riot face-to-face, the rules and boundaries blur. A man and woman are forbidden to interact in any way. A “linear” lifestyle is the ultimate crime. One greeting or one touch could land them in the Confinery for life—or worse. Quickly, they discover homogeny is the very law they cannot obey. Unable to endure the stifling rules, Riot and Cissy embark upon a journey to uncover the truth that led to their so-called perfect society

Language : English

Publisher : Carol Ann Eastman

Publication Date : May 28, 2024


ISBN-13 : 979-8326965370