Climate Clowns: Unraveling the Absurdity of Internet-Powered Chaos in the Pursuit of Saving the Planet


This story can be viewed as fictional or partly as real, always according to the Pippi Longstocking motto: “I make the world as I like it”.
The real reason for this story (with the quite serious appendix) is that I had to watch for many years how the intellect across the entire wide and colorful world evaporated via the Internet, more or less connected to various self-proclaimed experts. At the beginning of the 90s, the Internet was described as a world-saving idea that would significantly increase, or rather help increase, people's intellect. Problem: Zero times zero is still zero.
Today we are (almost) all completely at the mercy of anti-social nonsense.
Psychologists and psychiatrists are the winners. Life-threatening betting games and incitement to kill are already part of everyday life.
And politicians look on helplessly.
Bullying is the favorite pastime of primitive self-aggrandizing element which have already wiped out many a life, young and old.
And politicians look on helplessly.
The Internet is also a special playground for self-proclaimed specialists from all fields who want to educate humanity without, in most cases, even using secure data from research and development. When you then believe that you have met all the conditions to realize a project, then the next type of “wise man” appears; the NIMBY - expressed in English: Not In My BackYard - not in my garden.