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The Beast of Bethulia Park

Simon Caldwell Simon Caldwell

When Ray Parker dies unexpectedly in Bethulia Park Hospital, his suspicious family launch a campaign for justice. They recruit the young and idealistic hospital chaplain Father Calvin Baines to find a beautiful nurse who might unmask the doctor they believe is guilty of murder. When Emerald Essien enters his life, the priest finds his high principles are put to the test in a way that drives him to the edge of despair as he is propelled into a dark world of sexual obsession, danger and death . . .

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Weight For It

Kelly Morgan Kelly Morgan

In the depths of her desire to shed unwanted pounds, a passionate woman embarks on an extraordinary journey of self-transformation. Consumed by the pursuit of an ideal figure, she experiences an unprecedented encounter with her bathroom scale, sparking a mesmerizing conversation that will challenge everything she believes. Blaming her weight for the loss of her marriage and overall happiness, she braves the pitfalls of a perilous obsession, determined to unlock the secrets of flawless slenderness. Embark on this mesmerizing tale of resilience and unwavering determination, as our heroine navigates a treacherous path toward perfection and discovers the true nature of her own strength.

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Silent Echoes A Story of Abandonment and Redemption

Crystal Mary Lindsey Crystal Mary Lindsey

In the compassion of Nashville, Tennessee, two caring doctors, Dr. Faith Lancaster, and Dr. Kaleb Marshall, find themselves swept up in a whirlwind romance amid the backdrop of saving lives.Their connection is instantaneous, their passion intense, with their future seemingly destined. Yet, after just two fleeting months of marriage bliss, Kaleb inexplicably vanishes from Faith's life, leaving her heartbroken and bewildered.Unbeknownst to Kaleb, Faith carries within her a secret. A precious life conceived during their time together.Struggling to come to terms with Kaleb's sudden departure and facing the daunting prospect of single motherhood, Faith makes the courageous decision to start anew,...
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MYSTERY Nightmare Journey: Across Time

Crystal Mary Lindsey Crystal Mary Lindsey

Will This Young Woman Meet Success or Will She Be Destroyed by Her own Making?                                                                                                                       Eyes Meet and Hearts Ignite.Star Tripodi, a headstrong, and a sensationally beautiful young woman has her mind full of intoxicating future dreams. This WILD female believes herself beyond reproof from an...
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Only a Portal Away (The Codex of Indresal Book 1)


What would you do if you came home one day to find your favorite fictional character from the book series you're obsessed with standing in the middle of your living room, injured and confused? That was the dilemma Aliya, a tired junior from the University of Georgia, had to face when she walked into her house. Only to find that it was broken into by her favorite fictional Crown Prince Enzo al'Deran.Reluctant to believe him at first, Aliya had no choice but to do so when Enzo creates miniature portals right in front of her. A feat Aliya was pretty sure could not happen in the real world.Adamant to go back to his world, Enzo enlists Aliya's help. But could they actually be able to go back into...
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James Lingard James Lingard

THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED is a fact based romance set around World War 2 “A Tale of Love and Survival”.In the tumultuous era of the 1930s and the chaos of World War II, a young woman, Emily, finds herself in a whirlwind romance. Despite her father’s disapproval, she falls for Walter, a man whose charm is matched by his resolve, and they elope. Her actions see her struggle to survive the devastation brought about by the war, as she and her four-year-old son are thrown into the midst of danger and death.When Walter enlists, he transforms into a stern army officer, leaving Emily longing for the man she fell in love with. Can their love withstand the test of time and war? The Girl Who Disap...
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The Yukon Wolf

Brett Roehr Brett Roehr

An incredible story of life and death, tragedy and triumph among wolves in the wilderness of the Far North.In the mountains of northwestern Canada along the Yukon River, a family of wolves fight for survival. Trained by her father Payuk to hunt caribou from an early age, Arnaaluk scores her first kill at last, but she is not satisfied. She desires not only independence from her overbearing father, but to seek the love of her life.After Arnaaluk is expelled from the family for disobedience, she crosses paths with two brothers: Tulok, a domineering but strong and intelligent hunter, and Kanak, a haughty and selfish subordinate. A romantic rivalry soon develops between them.When tragedy strikes...
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Consumed by Deception: Special Edition Print

Rina Kent Rina Kent

The truth isn’t always what it seems.
Lia doesn’t realize that, but she will. Soon.
I chose this life. This road. This twisted arrangement.
For her, I made a deal with the devil.
For her, I toyed with fate and death.
There’s no going back.
I stole her and like any thief, I won’t return her.
Lia is my addiction. My obsession. My love.

This book is the final part of a trilogy and is not standalone.

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Farewell, Amethystine

Walter Mosley Walter Mosley

From “master of the genre” (Washington Post) Walter Mosley, Detective Easy Rawlins’ latest client sends him down a warren of memory and nostalgia—blinding him to reason and risk.January 1970 finds Ezekiel “Easy” Rawlins, LA’s premier Black detective, at 50 years of age despite all expectations.  He has a loving family, a beautiful home, and a thriving investigation agency.  All is right with the world… and then Amethystine Stoller, his own personal Helen of Troy, arrives. Her ex-husband is missing. A simple enough case. But even as Easy takes his first step in the investigation he trips.  He falls into the memory of things past. Little things, li...
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Der Kojote: Ein Jack-Reacher-Roman (Die-Jack-Reacher-Romane 26)

Lee Child Lee Child

Um diesen Gegner zu schlagen, muss Reacher sterben!Unter der gleißenden Sonne durchstreift der ehemalige Militärpolizist Jack Reacher die Wüste Arizonas. Da entdeckt er einen Wagen, der gegen den einzigen Baum weit und breit gekracht ist. Die Fahrerin hält ihn zunächst für ein Mitglied der Bande, die den Unfall verursacht hat. Doch nachdem Reacher das Missverständnis ausgeräumt hat, entschließt er sich sogar, ihr zu helfen, die Verbrecher zu stellen. Denn die Kriminellen haben ihren Bruder – ein Spezialist für Bomben – entführt und wollen mit dessen erzwungener Hilfe einen schrecklichen Plan umsetzen. Aber um den Kopf der Bande aufzuscheuchen, muss zunächst jemand sterben …...
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Whatever May Come (The Jameson Family Series Book 1)

Tracee Lydia Garner Tracee Lydia Garner

Schoolteacher Tisha Jameson flees her Virginia hometown to start afresh in Macon, Georgia. Although she hadn’t planned on falling in love with former pro football player Chase Alton, Chase's son Thomas is determined to get them together somehow. Before long, the pair come to realize that they are unable to resist one another and Chase will discover what a caring mother figure Tish can be for his son. But when Tish finds out that the danger she thought she’d outrun for good has followed her across state lines, Chase and Tish find out what love really means.

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Querido John (Rocabolsillo Bestseller)

Nicholas Sparks Nicholas Sparks

John Tyree, es un un muchacho rebelde que vive en Carolina del Norte. Después de pasar una infancia complicada sin madre y con un padre obsesionado con la numismática decide alistarse en el ejército para poder huir de su pueblo y de su disfuncional familia.Sin embargo, en uno de los permisos que se le conceden, volverá a su ciudad natal y allí conocerá a Savannah. Ella es su completo opuesto: una brillante estudiante, pasa el verano construyendo casas para los sin techo. Los dos jóvenes se enamoran perdidamente y cuando John tiene que reincorporarse a filas deciden esperar a que él pueda licenciarse de su carrera militar para poder emprender un proyecto de vida juntos. Las visitas de...
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