The Natchez Burning Trilogy: A Penn Cage Collection Featuring: Natchez Burning, The Bone Tree, and Mississippi Blood


Natchez Burning

Raised in Natchez, Mississippi, Penn Cage learned all he knows from his father, Dr. Tom Cage. But now Tom has been accused of murdering the Black nurse with whom he worked in the 1960s and Penn is determined to exonerate him. The quest for answers leads down atrail of corruption and brutality that places Penn’s family squarely in the crosshairs of the Double Eagles, a vicious offshoot of the KKK controlled by some of the state’s most powerful men. Penn ultimately must acknowledge that secrets from his father’s past have put the Cage family in great jeopardy.

 The Bone Tree

Penn Cage’s family is in crisis, has inadvertently started a war with an offshoot of the KKK called the Double Eagles, and his fiancée, journalist Caitlin Masters, is chasing the biggest—and most dangerous— story of her career. The only path out of this chaos is taking on the powerful men behind the Double Eagles, who are hiding a secret legacy darker than anything Penn can imagine. All roads lead to the Bone Tree, a legendary killing site that conceals far more than the remains of the forgotten—and where the shadow of personal tragedy threatens all Penn holds dearest.

 Mississippi Blood

Penn Cage is shattered by grief and dreaming of vengeance. The woman he loves is gone, and his father Dr. Tom Cage is about to be tried for murder. When Tom stubbornly refuses to speak in his own defense, Penn joins forces with Serenity Butler, a famous young Black author who has come to Natchez to write about his father's case. Together, Penn and Serenity battle to discover the secret history of the Cage family and the South itself, a desperate move that risks the only thing they have left to gamble: their lives.