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What are some books or authors that you would recommend to our readers?

I am have an EPIC year of reading.  Every book I have read as been absolutely AMAZING!  

I have read:

Fourth Wing (magical realism/fantasy)

Good Luck With That (for anyone who has ever struggled with his/her weight)

The Idea of You (a little too romancy and sexy for me, but I did enjoy it.)

The entire ACOTAR series (not my REAL genre, but I loved Maas' diction and the dynamic of characters)

One Summer in Savannah (Loved it, but as a PRO-CHOICE author, I still enjoyed this book at the other side.  Always trying to educate myself.)

The Breakaway (Big fan of Jennifer Weiner!  I often feel like she's in my head.  Love her humor and powerful stories.)

The Women (Wow.  Wonderful book.  A little TOO intense for me.  That kind of suspense and fear of what comes next often gives me diarrhea.  My belly cannot take it.)

Remarkably Bright Teachers (I fell in love with DRAGONS at the start of 2024, but now, I am OBSESSED with octopi.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND! My husband is reading it now.)

Funny Story (I always kick off my summer with a light Emily Henry read!)

Butcher and Blackbird (It is NOT my cup of tea, but one of my high school students BEGGED me to read it.  And I often like to make them happy!

Have you been able to incorporate your previous experience in [jobs/education] in your writing?

Every book is a part of me.  Whether it is the humor, the political stances, the love for others, or the profound notion that life is precious is everything i am and everything I exemplify.  

Would you like readers to have any specific takeaway from your book?

The world is going crazy, and there are people you can count on to be on your side.  People Like Us lets EVERYONE know that he/she/they are NOT ALONE and that people do LIKE them and that there are PEOPLE LIKE THEM. (The title is a play on words!) 

As an author, what critique has been the most challenging for you to receive? On the other hand, what compliment has been the most rewarding?

CHALLENGING:  When my school district slandered me and called me a PORNOGRAPHER.  

REWARDING:  When STRANGERS said that one of my books "changed their lives" and a few even said that I "saved their lives." 

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? How did you deal with it?

My writer's block came from FEAR--more like PTSD.  I wrote an erotic novel under a pen name in 2012.  My school district where I taught fired me (well, started the hearing to get rid of me.)  We hired a federal attorney and got my job back. My school tried to tell me that as a public school teacher that I did NOT have First Amendment rights.  I was terrified.  My district dragged my ame through the mud.  My dad died when i was 10. My mom died when I was 20.  This was the THIRD worst thing I'd ever endured.  It broke my spirit and made writing SCARE me.  I took a year off.  I changed my pen name and began writing "acceptable" romance for a school district. 

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I own a yoga studio. Spreading love and light is who I am to the very core.

Additionally, I teach two blocks a day at a local high school of Senior English. (They let me teach when the studio is closed midday.)  I love my students, but I love my yogis too.  I just want to make sure every person I know and encounter that they are worthy, loved, precious, and worthy.  

Do you have any movie or tv adaptations in the works?

I wish!  All of my beta readers and even some strangers who have read my newest book, People Like Us, have REPEATEDLY claimed that they can see it as a Netflix series or as a movie.  WOW!  What a total compliment.