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Can you tell us about it?

It is my pleasure! My latest book is titled Echoes of Destiny. It’s a historical romance novel set in 18th century England, amidst the backdrop of political intrigue and social upheaval. The story follows the forbidden love between a young noblewoman and a revolutionary activist, whose paths intertwine amidst the turbulent times.

What inspired you to write Echoes of Destiny?

I’ve always been drawn to stories set in the past, particularly the Georgian era with its rich tapestry of societal norms and historical events. The idea for Echoes of Destiny came from my fascination with the clash between love and duty, set against the backdrop of a society on the brink of change. I wanted to explore the complexities of relationships and the choices individuals must make in the face of adversity.

How do you conduct research for your historical novels?

Research is a crucial aspect of writing historical fiction. I immerse myself in books, articles, and primary sources from the time period to gain a deeper understanding of the social, political, and cultural milieu. Additionally, I visit museums, historical sites, and even participate in reenactments to experience firsthand the sights, sounds, and sensations of the era. It’s essential to strive for authenticity while also allowing room for creative interpretation.

Can you walk us through your writing process?

Certainly! I typically start with a broad outline outlining the major plot points and character arcs. From there, I delve into more detailed character sketches, exploring their backgrounds, motivations, and internal conflicts. As I write the first draft, I let the characters guide me, often discovering unexpected twists and turns along the way. Once the draft is complete, I embark on multiple rounds of revisions, refining the prose, tightening the plot, and polishing the dialogue until it shines.

How do you develop your characters to make them compelling and relatable?

Developing compelling characters is essential to drawing readers into the story. I strive to create characters with depth and complexity, each with their own strengths, flaws, and desires. I delve into their past experiences, traumas, and aspirations, seeking to understand what drives them and how they evolve over the course of the narrative. By imbuing characters with relatable emotions and vulnerabilities, readers can empathize with their struggles and root for their triumphs.

What challenges did you encounter while writing Echoes of Destiny?

One of the main challenges was striking the right balance between historical accuracy and narrative flow. While I wanted to stay true to the spirit of the era, I also had to ensure that the story remained engaging and accessible to modern readers. Additionally, capturing the nuances of the characters’ emotions and relationships posed a challenge, as I wanted to convey their inner conflicts and desires with authenticity and depth.

What do you hope readers will take away from Echoes of Destiny?

I hope readers will be transported to another time and place, where they can experience the drama, romance, and intrigue of 18th century England. Beyond the historical setting, I hope the themes of love, sacrifice, and resilience resonate with readers on a deeper level, inspiring them to reflect on their own relationships and choices in life.

Who are some of your literary influences?

I draw inspiration from a diverse array of authors, including Jane Austen for her wit and keen observations of society, Philippa Gregory for her immersive historical fiction, and Diana Gabaldon for her epic storytelling and complex characters. Each of these authors has left an indelible mark on my writing, shaping my approach to storytelling and character development.