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When you're working on a book and a new idea pops up, should you pursue it immediately (also known as 'UP syndrome') or finish your current project first? What do you think is the best course of action?

No I rarely run after things that seem flashy and catch your eye. I love my tried and tested formulae.

Can you explain your writing process? Do you prefer to create an outline and plan beforehand, or do you prefer to write more spontaneously and organically?

Actually I did a writing course a few years ago that stressed on the importance of having a formal draft, and outlines to stick to. However, I feel that not being too rigid about one's writing schedule often produces books with the best stories. I wanted the character of my book, 'His Lingering Perfume' to have some unique qualities like raw, awkward, brave, yet tomboyish, which would not have been captured perfectly well, if done with a strict schedule.

What are some books or authors that you would recommend to our readers?

Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat, Pray, Love, Meg Cabot and her Princess Diaries Series. 

Tell us what you enjoy most about writing [genre].

Well, I loved writing certain scenes in the book where she (Jenna) is writing in her Diary and is lost in her thoughts. Suddenly he (her muse appears on the scene without warning her) and there is some romantic tension. I also liked writing about her, the central character, who happens to be someone who doesn't like to over groom, but only does see the magic in herself upon the arrival of The Lover.

Do you identify with your main character or did you create a character that is your opposite?

I think the protagonist of my book, who is revealed as Jenna, (named after the main character of 13 going on 30 played by Jennifer Garner) is someone I love very much. She is not a typical mills and boon love story heroine, but she is someone very different, and you will like her antics.

Would you like readers to have any specific takeaway from your book?

Yes perhaps to understand that Love is almost spiritual, and to cherish the person in front of you, because life is fleeting, and you may never get them back

Do you have any unusual writing habits?

Yes I love writing more about women, less about men. I also tend to include a lot of think-out-loud moments, and try to make my books characters very relatable. I try to write stories that people will like, but will also make the reader think

Did you have any say in the cover design?

Yes I designed it to look somewhat like Kajol in Canva

What are you reading right now?

'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. A wonderful book about affirmations, which shows the difference between a positive outlook and a negative one.

What can we anticipate from you moving forward?

I am working on a book called 'Those Blue Eyes: A Raw Story Of Awkward Love' which will be out on Amazon soon.

How long did it take you to write this book?

It took me nearly a month to complete.