The Yukon Wolf


An incredible story of life and death, tragedy and triumph among wolves in the wilderness of the Far North.

In the mountains of northwestern Canada along the Yukon River, a family of wolves fight for survival. Trained by her father Payuk to hunt caribou from an early age, Arnaaluk scores her first kill at last, but she is not satisfied. She desires not only independence from her overbearing father, but to seek the love of her life.

After Arnaaluk is expelled from the family for disobedience, she crosses paths with two brothers: Tulok, a domineering but strong and intelligent hunter, and Kanak, a haughty and selfish subordinate. A romantic rivalry soon develops between them.

When tragedy strikes, Arnaaluk is called home to her family, and it is up to her and the wolf she chooses as her mate to prevent the clan of Payuk from splitting apart. Together, they must help her kin survive a harsh winter.

Not only do the wolves face danger from enemy wolves, the threat of starvation and a shortage of caribou, but also the greatest menace of all - man and his traps and guns.

An epic adventure that takes the reader deep into the hidden life of wolves, their family ties, the love they have for their own kind and the dangers they face in the wild. A must-read for those who love wolves and the natural world.