The Medici Quest: An international adventure Christian suspense novel


In the heart of Florence, Italy, Ethan Montgomery and Chloe Conrad cross paths for the first time. Little do they know, their encounter will set them on a journey spanning centuries and continents. The Medici family, one of history's most powerful and mysterious dynasties, left behind a trail of cryptic clues that could lead to a monumental discovery.

The Medici Quest takes readers on a pulse-pounding adventure as Ethan and Chloe race against time and enemies to uncover the truth behind the ancient manuscript. From the historic streets of Florence to the grandeur of Rome and the tranquil shores of Rhodes, they must navigate puzzles, danger, and treachery. But as their bond grows stronger, so does the threat from those who will stop at nothing to claim the treasure for themselves.

Impeccably researched and enriched with historical figures and events, The Medici Quest delves into themes of faith, grace, and redemption. It will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. Don't miss your chance to join Ethan and Chloe on their exhilarating quest!