The Illusion of Guilt


Roy’s life was not going well. He was clever, very clever, but his boss didn’t like him and finding other jobs in computing at the ripe old age of forty-five could be difficult. He had bought a house with his girlfriend, but she was leaving because he was “too nice.” Then there was Rosemary; she was lovely, but she seemed preoccupied with her stalker who had threatened Roy, grabbing him by the throat on one occasion. There seemed to be no answer to any of his problems. Would he end up like his friend, Keith, who drove to the top of a car park and jumped off?

However, Roy had done something remarkable; he had saved the life of a man at his favourite hiking spot. He didn’t know what this meant at the time. Then he realised that there were other options for the stalker and indeed his boss. What would he do? Would he feel guilty about it? Is guilt simply an illusion?

Language : English

Publisher : Austin Macauley

Publication Date : Aug 14, 2023