Silent Echoes A Story of Abandonment and Redemption


In the compassion of Nashville, Tennessee, two caring doctors, Dr. Faith Lancaster, and Dr. Kaleb Marshall, find themselves swept up in a whirlwind romance amid the backdrop of saving lives.

Their connection is instantaneous, their passion intense, with their future seemingly destined. Yet, after just two fleeting months of marriage bliss, Kaleb inexplicably vanishes from Faith's life, leaving her heartbroken and bewildered.
Unbeknownst to Kaleb, Faith carries within her a secret. A precious life conceived during their time together.
Struggling to come to terms with Kaleb's sudden departure and facing the daunting prospect of single motherhood, Faith makes the courageous decision to start anew, leaving behind the memories of Nashville for the historical solace of Alabama.
In the thronging city of Birmingham, Faith immerses herself in her work, finding solace and purpose in caring and healing others.
As time passes, she gives birth to a beautiful baby, her love for her child providing her with strength and resilience.
However, her heart remains haunted by the memory of Kaleb, and the unanswered questions lingering like shadows in her mind.
Meanwhile, Kaleb, unaware of the life-changing event he unwittingly set in motion, grapples with his own demons, haunted by the memory of the woman he abandoned.
His once-unshakeable conviction begins to waver under the influence of his overbearing mother, who plants seeds of doubt about Faith's character and intentions.  Will Kaleb find Faith and unite as a family?

Publisher : Amazon

Publication Date : Apr 30, 2024

ASIN : B0D33L9198

ISBN-13 : 979-8324535780