Seven Manipulated Minds


 Alfred, an autistic man with genius-level mental abilities, wants revenge because he was treated cruelly back in high school. Now, eight years later, he has developed an almost perfect way to take his revenge against his six worst former tormentors. His device allows him to hijack and transport their minds to a nonexistent room and establish total control over everything they experience.

Through a series of vicious torture routines, Alfred manipulates everything they feel, taste, smell, see, and hear to produce the most pain and terror they can possibly withstand. He even makes them continuously re-experience their worst memories and makes them feel as though they have been abandoned in the ether with no sensory input at all and no hope of rescue. His punishment brings all of them to their breaking points.

Then, in a totally unexpected (at least for them) action, he reveals his true purpose for abducting their consciousnesses and offers to recruit them all to help him fulfill a mission; a mission which is extremely important to him, personally.

Alfred forms them into a seven-member team, including himself, which is financed by royalties from some of his inventions. The goal of the team is to change the minds of Society's most important celebrities from antagonistic to benevolent using the tools he used on his former classmates. As they begin to accomplish some of the team’s goals, they encounter one malevolent menace from Alfred's past who becomes a threat to the existence of the team and all of its members.

In the conflict that ensues, every team member is forced to rely on the training they have received and their wits to survive.