Forbidden Fruit TEMPTATION: Christian SPIRITUAL Romance


Can you fathom or truly comprehend the depths of God's heart and mind?
Do you believe in the extraordinary power of prayer, the miracle it can bring?

The setting is 1950 in the vast Australian Outback.

Silva Latham has entered adulthood, cherishing her love for Declan Callaghan for as long as she can remember.
In her heart, she yearns for Declan to see her not just as the pesky little sister of his best friend but as a desirable woman.
After a period of separation—Silva returning from a French polishing school and Declan from his studies in law at University—they reunite instantly, and sparks fly, igniting a newfound interest in Declan.
Their romance begins to blossom, but inexplicably, Declan starts drifting away.
Bewildered and filled with unanswered questions, Silva cannot comprehend the reason behind this sudden change.
She wonders what or who could be standing in the way of their scorching new love.
Eventually, Declan leaves town, leaving Silva shattered as he drops a heart-wrenching bombshell.
The news he delivers is beyond Silva's belief.
In her broken-hearted state, Silva turns to the only thing she believes can bring him back—prayer.
She engages in intense spiritual warfare with unwavering faith, beseeching God's intervention.
Satan, recognizing the power of her conviction, unleashes all his forces to break her, even resorting to an attempt on her life.
Yet, the unwavering strength of God's angels stands as a protective shield around her, ensuring her safety.

Will Silva have a FAITH strong to change the destiny of these lovers?


Language : English

Publisher : Amazon

Publication Date : Aug 04, 2016

ASIN : B01JS9237G

ISBN-10 : 0648322521

ISBN-13 : 978-0648322528