Why I Write to Inspire and Encourage the Reader.

Why I Write to Inspire and Encourage the Reader.

As a retired medical professional. I witnessed firsthand the profound impact of today's challenges on a person’s mental health where no-one, not even health professionals are immune. Anxiety and depression only to mention two disorders, are becoming alarmingly prevalent effecting millions worldwide.

My mission in writing stories as an author is to guide my reader to a happier and healthier state of mind. I do this by nourishing them with positive solution orientated stories, which can transform their inner self and state of mind.

Imagine immersing yourself in tales where problems are resolved in win-win scenarios. These stories can offer powerful insights and practical strategies for overcoming, simply by indulging in the reading of a lovely fictional romance.                What could be easier in fostering a sense of hope and resilience?

It’s heartbreaking to see how people struggle with mental disorders, to the point where hospitals globally are becoming overwhelmed with patients.

While some countries supply affordable healthcare, others make it a luxury that few can afford. So, what happened to the ones left out?

Books, especially the Kindle versions offer an assessable, easy to obtain and budget friendly alternative. For the one-time cost of a Kindle eBook, the reader can explore a world of uplifting and empowering literature, sometimes for free or otherwise at a low cost. It’s great that by choosing the right books to read, a person can elevate their mood and improve their mental wellbeing.

Encouragement and positive reinforcement are essential for everyone’s security. No-one is immune to feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness, or anxiety at some time or other.

So, I encourage you to embark and discover, the stories that heal, encourage, and inspire, nurturing your inner self towards wellness.  My books fall into the genre of Christian Inspirational Romance, often enriched with spiritual themes, suspenseful plots, and medical elements.  

Whether you prefer historical or contemporary romance set in America or Australia, my stories offer a blend of heartfelt inspiration and engaging tales.