Book rated 5 stars by well known book blogger Kevein Mallik!

Book rated 5 stars by well known book blogger Kevein Mallik!

Who says awkward people can’t be Lovers?” goes the first line of the little novelette. I happened to be in the mood to “write a book” since a lot of people I knew were raving about doing this.

So, with no experience and armed with the knowledge of a free writing course I found online, I spent close to 9 hours writing this tiny book. The book was published about a year ago, and this is a review written by a prominent Indian book blogger.

In his review, Kevein Mallik, who rated the book 5 stars, has used words like “heart-warming” and “steady romance” in his review To tell the truth, as a new writer, who only had a little experience writing short stories on Wattpad, I never dreamt that my book would be ‘liked’ by its readers.

He also used words like “fluffy” to describe the book, and “offbeat romance”. He also technically described the book as “Sweet and Engaging” and felt for the characters.

He goes a step further when he admits in his review that he feels a degree of “affection” for the character’s “love journey”. When book bloggers use terms like this, it means they found that the book had engaging content.

Here’s a little video I made for the book on Canva. I used words from Keveins Review, and I know that will probably get people to want to read the book.

The book, which I think I wrote a little about in a previous blog entry, seemingly has depth and a story. Though I did not invest in writing much of a ‘mind map’, didn’t write a plot, and just went with the flow, people liked the book. Here’s an excerpt from the book, just so you know what you are in for

And as the rainbow does sometimes have gold at the end, and God is also wonderful, I did manage to complete the book. My first book I attempted in fits and starts, sitting at my laptop in the dead of night typing away, looking straight at the screen in my pjs, and eating salted nuts. I honestly hope more people read, and like the book.